Wow Travel Service operates in two directions simultaneously:

  • Booking standard excursion programs
  • Organizing individual excursions and tours

For excursion bookings, we collaborate directly with the best and trusted organizers in Egypt. On most standard excursions, our tourists are grouped together with other tourists who have purchased excursions from hotel guides. However, we have the ability to offer significantly lower prices compared to the guides at the hotel, on the beach, or at tour companies on the street. We always ask for feedback after returning from excursions to ensure that our service remains WOW, and from time to time, one of our foreign employees, who work exclusively remotely, goes on various excursions incognito to personally verify this.

When organizing individual excursions and tours in Egypt, we act as the direct organizer. Our team has been assembling for a long time, but now we can offer individual excursions in any city in Egypt that is of interest to tourists. All our guides have specialized education and at least 10 years of work experience. For transportation during individual excursions and tours, we use Mercedes-Benz buses, minibusses, and cars from the 2022-2023 production years.